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The Leading Textile Brand

Our first entry into the textile industry was in 1987 with yarn export representation and sales of yarn spinning machinery spare parts; and in 1996, the result of our partnership with Italian Electronics Company, Iteco, has enabled us to enter to the textile electronics field.

We first started the production of, “Chenille Clearer 1” and then “Chenille Clearer 2 and Chenille Clearer 3”, chenille yarn defect sensors, and then, from 2000 on, the production of “Millennium” fancy yarn defect detectors.

R&D and some of the production of our electronic parts was done in Italy, while the mechanical and assembly processes were carried out in our Istanbul/Turkey factory. After our decision to keep only the R&D Department in Italy in 2008, most of the production was moved to our Istanbul Factory. In 2013, we reopened our electronics production in Italy.

As of 2023, with our decision to move our production facility in Florence and our partial assembly facilities in Istanbul to Friedrichshafen/Germany, all our units are gathered under one roof.



Special yarns clearing requires high technological qualities, competency and specific experience. These figures are the ones which the GARNOTEX worldwide success is grounded on and represents the reasons of the company leading position in the market. GARNOTEX product performances, based on the above characteristics, represents and have been always the only one solution for targeting top quality and top efficiency in chenille and fancy yarn clearing.

We produce high-tech devices that clear both fine and thick faults of fancy/novelty yarns, chenille yarns and thick and multi-ply wool and/or synthetic yarns used in carpet/rug production in the textile sector. GOLD system is used for chenille yarns and SILVER system is used for other fancy and thick wool yarns. You can review the technical details on the products’ own pages.


We Give Top Production From Every Angle

Garnotex is the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the textile industry. It tracks the apparel material and home textile sector’s progress.

Garnotex is Operating In The Textile

Market Manufacture


We Take Occupational Health & Safety Measurements

Our health experts initiate health promotion solutions that are tailored to working conditions and based on participation.

Safety At Work

We make workplace safe any aspects for employees

Healthy Place

Activities are perform by experts at enterprise level


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Since more than 40 years, FABLIO is operating in the textile market manufacture and trader. As years go by, the range of produced textiles has been increased.
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